Fall Into The New (Colorful) You


At this point in the year, the weather is pretty much doing whatever the heck it wants. So I figured, why shouldn't we do the same?

Each year we confine ourselves to such strict "rules" when it comes to Fall/Winter beauty and fashion. Wear dark colors. Imitate the foliage. Darken your hair. Darken your nails. Darken your lipstick. (This is where I stop, because my wardrobe is pretty much 90% black anyway!)


This year, I'm ditching the norm and brightening things up a bit. Don't get me wrong-- I love an After School Boy Blazer mani/pedi and a burgundy lip. But this year, I'm opting for some color, one pastel mani and blush pink shadow at a time! Let's not forget the fact that I've worn black hair for the past 4 years. Well, not anymore. Say hello to my Lady Gaga Louis Vuitton brown cognac ;) (Yes I named my hair color don't judge me.)


Check out my I'm-trying-to-pretend-it's-not-20-degrees photos :)

Can't leave you all hanging on the details, though!

-Nails: Turquoise & Caicos - Essie 

- Eyes and Lips: Bite Beauty's Luminous Creme Lipstick in "Lychee" (That's right, I'm wearing lipstick on my eyes!) This shade is only available in the duo, which is sold out at Sephora. Buy it here

- Eyes: also lined with Sephora Collection Nano Lipliner (yes, I used lipliner on my eyes as well) in "Candid Candy"

-Hair: Dyed using SheaMoisture's NOURISHING, MOISTURE-RICH HAIR COLOR SYSTEM in "Reddish Brown." My newly natural hair is dark at the ends (remnants from the black rinse) and naturally sandy brown at the roots, so I opted for this color to achieve an "auburn" shade.

I'm looking forward to keeping things colorful for the Fall!  Tell us--how are you brightening things up this season? 



HTGAWM: The Hairy Truth

Weeks later, I'm still stuck on the moment Viola Davis aka Annalise Keating de-wigged on How To Get Away With Murder for all of the world to see. And weeks later, people are still talking about it! Davis recently sat down with Ellen to discuss the show, and talked about how the revealing scene was her idea. 

I said—Can I keep my eyelashes on?
— Viola Davis on Ellen

Let me start of by saying this--- I would never ever agree to wipe off my eyebrows on national television in front of millions of viewers--EVER. As we sat & watched Keating come undone on the #WhyIsYourPenisOnADeadGirlsPhone episode--I damn near lost it!

[Watch the episode here.]

With 3 of us in the room (two girls & one guy), we each reached our peak of disbelief at different moments within her transformation.

First thing to go was the wig, which made us all gasp in unison. (But a big +1 for us naturals!)

Justene was particularly shocked that she would not only admit to but confirm the fact that she was wearing a wig all this time!

Then, the fake eyelashes. Oh hell no!


Next up is the scene where she takes off her makeup. My initial thoughts: kudos to her for taking her makeup off before bed, even under such duress. Derrick nearly shit his pants at the sight of all that makeup on the makeup remover wipe. (Side note-- I wonder which brand she uses. Did anyone catch that detail? She used one cloth for the whole face!)

This next part is the moment that made me lose it. I even said aloud, "as long as she doesn't wipe off her eyebrows, we're good!" And then, she did it. I yelped in desperation, as if I was the one revealing my deepest flaws to the world. 

Let me kill the drama for a moment--I've totally been all up on this thang bare-faced and flawed for you all to see, you know, for the sake of the blog. *side eye*

But I'd be lying if I said I haven't even convinced myself that these perfectly penciled & highlighted brows are my own. If that were me, I would've happily skipped over the eyebrow removal in that scene. That's honestly where I draw my line in the sand!

Looking past the initial shock of the entire scene really made me stop & think about the (superficial) things we women care about most. The gentleman in the room really only cared about the makeup. He looked as if he'd been deceived. Yeah, yeah, what's new. Us girls, however, couldn't get past the hair moments! We couldn't have said "don't do it, girl!" any louder when the wig, eyelashes & eyebrows came off.

Then I got to thinking, at what point did hair become such a dominant existence in our daily lives? There was certainly a time where women were only concerned with the hair on their heads (and maybe their legs. Just maybe.) The rest of the hair came with the territory. Now? Forget it. Hair has somehow become the bane of our existence.

Since when did we become such hair(less) freaks? And at what point will this moment end? I'm only asking because, ya know, I could do without having to shave my legs daily -___-.

What are your thoughts on Ms. Davis going au naturale on the show?


Beauty Collab: Prabal Gurung for M.A.C.

Consider us officially geeked for the Fall!


Singaporean fashion designer Prabal Gurung really knows how to get us going. As if his Target collaboration didn't sway us (and our bank accounts) enough, Gurung is out to win the hearts of all beauty lovers too! The designer just announced an upcoming beauty collaboration with powerhouse M.A.C. Cosmetics, set to release in December of this year.

"There is a confidence that comes with a bare face transformed by a few swipes of mascara and lip gloss." - Prabal Gurung on his collab

Drawing inspiration from childhood memories of watching his mom apply her makeup for glamorous nights out,  Gurung created the luxurious line for the cosmetics giant that features lipstick, gloss, an eye shadow duo, bronzing powder and accessories to indulge in. To amp up the glamour and sophistication for this holiday line, the products feature decadent 1920's minaudiére inspired cases dipped in gold, created to enhance the wearer's confidence even before she puts the makeup on. 

With prices ranging from $30-$70, the holiday line certainly comes with a luxurious price tag. But if the products are any reflection of the designer's style, this collaboration will pack a load of style sophistication and quality that is well worth the cost!

Are you excited for any beauty collabs this fall?